Learning Apps for Kids

Bates College student Eleanor Hough compiled this list of apps in May 2015 at Bates College. She only chose apps that received good reviews and were inexpensive or free. A list of sources that she used to compile this list is at the end of the entries.


  1. Math Training for Kids (Simple app that teaches math fundamentals, focusing on the four basic math operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)
    1. Ages 3 to 6
    2. Free on Android, $0.99 on iPhone
  2. Einstein Math Academy (A monkey leads user through problem sets with questions focusing on the four basic math operations. Correct answers are rewarded with gold or silver coins)
    1. Ages 3 and up
    2. Free on both Android and iPhone
  3. Kids Math (You must pass all 8 levels within a certain time frame by answering 10 questions correctly at each level. Questions regarding fractions and greater than/smaller than numbers are introduced)
    1. Ages 3 to 5
    2. Free on both Android and iPhone
  4. Counting Caterpillar (Kids must feed the caterpillars by counting and catching butterflies in the correct number sequence)
    1. Ages 4 to 5
    2. $1.99 on iPhone
  5. Peter Pig’s Money Coin Counter (This app does not teach math skills but teaches kids how to count and identify the value of U.S coins)
    1. Ages 4 to 7
    2. Free on both iPhone and Android
  6. Marble Math Junior (Kids must solve a variety of math problems to navigate through a marble maze. User can customize games to concentrate on the areas in which child needs the most help)
    1. Ages 5 to 8
    2. $1.99 on iPhone
  7. Let’s Do the Math (15 types of exercises and 50 word problems that focus on addition and subtraction. User can use this app as flashcards or puzzles)
    1. Ages 6 and up
    2. Free on iPhone and Android
  8. Mathly Hollows (Kids must defend the Hollows from monsters by using math skills to work towards the title of Master Wizard of Math. This app addresses curriculum based on the common core state standards)
    1. Ages 6 to 7
    2. $1.99 on iPhone
  9. Mathmateer (To build a rocket ship to launch into space, kids must earn money by completing basic math challenges. Time and square root problems are introduced)
    1. Ages 9 to 11
    2. $0.99 on iPhone


  1. Read Me Stories (This app provides kids with a new book every single day to help kids develop a daily reading routine)
    1. Ages 5 and under
    2. Free
  2. Sight Words List (Helps kids learn to read through flash cards and games. You can create your own lists or the app provides lists for preschool students through third grade)
    1. Preschool to third grade
    2. Free
  3. Phonics Genius (Teaches kids phonics through flashcards and quizzes)
    1. All ages early in the reading process
    2. Free
  4. Reading Eggs Sight Words (Helps children recognize and learn sight words. Fun and motivating game for kids)
    1. Ages 3 and above
    2. $1.99 or free version available (Free version helps kids learn 100 sight words whereas paid version helps kids learn 250 words)
  5. BOB Books LITE (Phonics based interactive game to teach kids to make the connection between letters and sounds and to spell simple words)
    1. Ages 5 and under
    2. Free
  6. Wurdle (fun and challenging word puzzle game. Kids must identify words in a crossword-like game. There is an interactive mode allowing parents to play with their kids)
    1. Ages 7 and up
    2. $1.99
  7. Befuddled (This app contains many different word games reliant upon not speed but upon strategy. Kids must reach a certain score before running out of letters, forcing kids to come up with longer, more complex words)
    1. Ages 11 and up
    2. $1.99
  8. Bookabi (This app provides kids with everything they need to tell their story. No drawing skills are needed- this app provides kids with 2D and 3D characters, backgrounds, stickers and objects that kids can place in the story and then add speech bubbles and text. Kids can also use real pictures in their stories)
    1. All ages
    2. Free
  9. Aesop’s Quest (This game uses reading comprehension to develop cognitive reading skills. The player must remember elements of a story to complete the level.)
    1. 2nd grade (Level One) to 6th grade (Level Five)
    2. $0.99




For other academic apps that received good reviews but are more expensive, go to: